Active ICO List

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Name Info Starting Price Start Date End Date More Details
xx Network The xx coin is a digital currency that has been designed to be part of the decentralized ecosystem of the xx network. 1 XX = 0.35 USD January 23rd 2020 February 19th 2020
Reflex Reflex wants to completely revolutionize the world of online social networks. 1 RFX = 0.05 USD January 21st 2020 February 20th 2020
ZuCoinChain ZuCoin is a blockchain based investment platform, that uses AI and transparent statistics in order to help people make smart investments starting from $100 in the investment products with high thresho 1 ZCC= 0.10 USD February 1st 2020 February 20th 2020
Okschain OKSCHAIN is a decentralized financial system for a wide range of consumers, with different interests and requests. 1 OKS = 0,001 USD February 12th 2020 February 20th 2020
Liqio Exchange LIQIO is an Estonian registered company (LIQIO OÜ 1478949). The company has an address in Estonia and offices in Western Europe. 1 LQO = 0.026 USD December 21st 2019 February 21st 2020
Burstex Burstex is a crowd owned exchange which allows anyone to own a part of it and earn profits on trading fees. 1 BEX = 0.0035 USD February 16th 2020 February 23rd 2020
Peace Token Peace token is the Leading Ethereum based Blockchain of Digital Creation. Peace applies blockchain technology in creating and sharing in the new value. 1 PCT = 0.07 USD January 29th 2020 February 25th 2020
PointPay PointPay is ever growing UK-regulated company that has created all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem with single-time registration process for all the products. 1 PXP = 0.1 USD February 2nd 2020 February 26th 2020
Solarypto Solarypto provides an environment-friendly solution to reducing the cost of cryptocurrency blockchain mining. 1 SPO = 0.00000025 BTC February 17th 2020 February 28th 2020
PREDIQT The PREDIQT platform is a marketplace for the largest asset in the world - consumer data. PREDIQT provides a platform where data is exchanged for its true value. 1 PQT = 0.00004 USD February 10th 2020 February 28th 2020
BuyAnyLight BuyAnyLight (BAL) is an innovative platform that strives to revolutionise the process of LED light sourcing by making it simple, trustless, secure and efficient. 1 BAL = 0.30303 USD February 1st 2020 February 29th 2020
ThreeFold Network The Threefold network is the biggest decentralized grid of self-managing Internet capacity in the world. Being built collectively by an inclusive ecosystem. 1 TFT = 0.15 USD February 1st 2020 February 29th 2020
Mindsync Mindsync is a platform to solve customer\'s tasks with AI technologies competitions as well as a marketplace for these solutions and training datasets. 1 MAI = 0.14 USD March 1st 2019 March 1st 2020
2local 2local is a loyalty platform powered by its own ultra-fast blockchain that supports local-2-local and sustainability, and is fully erc-721 compatible. 1 L2L = 0.00171370 USD February 11th 2020 March 11th 2020
UnfoldU UnfoldU is AI powered school education focused educational platform. UnfoldU is focused on the emerging markets and has plans to expand into the developed economies of the world. 1 UNFLD = 0.16 ETH February 17th 2020 April 10th 2020
Full Circle Coin Full Circle Coin is the ecosystem that covers all kinds of recycling from plastics to paper to metals to anything that can be converted into a production raw material. Not Given February 15th 2020 April 15th 2020
Decracy Decracy was birthed to provide unorthodox solutions to the global standing of all by utilizing Blockchain technology and advancing it from its current barriers and limitations for real-world use. 1 DCA* = 1.25 USD February 17th 2020 April 17th 2020
MintMine MintMine aims to set up a sustainable mining operation that’s simple, accessible and brings value to the community. It is a next-generation cryptocurrency mining operation secured by a state of the 1 MTMN = 0.006 ETH February 1st 2020 April 30th 2020
Amazonians Green Coin The AMACOIN is a payment token to purchase products & services offered by eco-friendly brands (B2C), and buy environmental assets or contribute to environmental projects (B2B). 1 AMA = 0,0077 USD February 1st 2020 April 30th 2020
Prometheus Prometheus has created a fully functional MVP, which will be a base for our platform. It allows the user to connect to the database through a few clicks, select a table and column to transfer to a blo 1 PRO = 0.1 USD February 1st 2020 May 1st 2020
Notarised is a decentralized application build on top of the blockchain that helps you sign, notarize and verify any type of document. 1 NTS = 0.2 USD February 15th 2020 June 30th 2020
Gdigit GLDS is one of those few projects in the digital economy sector that are built on the basis of an existing business — gold mine and placer deposit excavation operations in the Republic of Kazakhstan 1 GLDS = 1 USD February 15th 2020 August 15th 2020