Frequently Asked Questions :-

What is CryptoCurrency ?

CryptoCurrency is a Digital Virtual Currency which is Used by persons on Internet mostly.

We can not touch it physically, it can be stored in our Online Account, Hardware or Computer.

When CryptoCurrency Started ?

First CryptoCurrency is the Bitcoin which was started in 2009. Bitcoin is Cryptocurrency which uses very beautiful Blockchain Technology.

What is Blockchain Technology ?

Blockchain Technology is very useful and new updated technology. Blockchain Technology means data is stored in many Computers at a time. So it is most secure.

What is CryptoCurrency Exchange ?

Cryptocurrency Exchange is the Exchange where anyone can trade with CryptoCurrencies .

Popular Exchanges :- Poloniex, Bittrex,etc.

What is Mining ?

CryptoCurrency Mining is a way to Make Cryptocurrencies. Mining is to Solve calculations and confirm transactions.

What is ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) ?

ICO is a way to buy CryptoCurrency before launching, trading,etc.