Bigbom ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis


Bigbom ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis


Bigbom ICO General Information:

ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) Name :- Bigbom ICO
Bigbom Coin Symbol :- BBO
What is Bigbom( BBO ) :- Bigbom Eco serves as a decentralized advertising ecosystem for all parties in-volved in online advertising, inclusive of advertisers, service providers, content publishers, advertising channels, platforms and more.

Bigbom ICO Dates:

Status :- Ongoing
Main-ICO Start Date :- 28th March 2018
Main-ICO End Date :- 27th April 2018

Bigbom ICO Details:

Bigbom ICO Price ( Starting ) :- 0.00005 ETH/ BBO Token ( i.e. 1 ETH = 20.000 BBO )
Total Coins :- 2.00 Billions Bigbom Tokens ( 2,000,000,000 BBO Tokens )
Tokens to Sale in Main-ICO :- 1.00 Billions Bigbom Tokens ( 1,000,000,000 BBO Tokens )

Bigbom ICO Ratings:

Ratings by Users :-
Bigbom ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis
3 (60%) 1 vote

Bigbom Website, Whitepaper and Social Links:

Website :- https://bigbom.com
Whitepaper :- https://bigbom.com/files/whitepaper-en.pdf
Social Links :- Bigbom ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis Bigbom ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis Bigbom ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis

Bigbom Video:

BBO Tokens Distribution:

Category Token Distribution
Token Sale 50%
Company 25%
Advisors/Contributors 10%
Bounty/Marketing 15%

BBO Funds Distribution:

Category Fund Distribution
Product & employee devel – opment 50%
Marketing 25%
Administration 10%
Advisor/teams 5%
Risk provision 10%

Bigbom Roadmap:


  • Develop on Facebook


  • 1st version launched


  • Ethereum smart contract developed


  • Pre-ICO & ICO


  • Distributtion of Bigbom to 15K Haravan users


  • Bigbom Eco & Bigbom – Launch of 2nd version


  • Cryptocurrency wallet integration


  • Launch of Marketplace


  • Google & Twitter Integration

More Information:

More about Vaultbank :-

Bigbom solves a variety of challenges in one platform.

Using AI technology, Bigbom works 24/7 to:

Manage campaigns according to KPIs

  • Scan thousands of ads in each account every 15-30 minutes and automatically adjust them in real time
  • Automatically raise and lower bids on ad channels
  • Automatically turn off ads that are not performing well or have a low conversion rate
  • Automatically allocate budget between channels in real time based on campaign performance
  • Tailor ad audience suggestions
  • Automatically A/B test hundreds of ads to find the best ads, landing pages,and ad objectives.
  • Make it easy for advertisers to manage and compare multi-channel data by providing synchronized, real-time reporting on all channels
  • Manage thousands of advertising accounts on a single Bigbom account
  • Create hundreds of campaigns across multiple accounts under one umbrella Bigbom campaign

Bigbom Team Members :-

Mr. Vung Nguyen

Bigbom member profile

CEO & Co-founder

Mr. Co Tuan

Bigbom member profile

CTO & Co-founder

Ms. Annie Huynh

Bigbom member profile

CMO & Co-founder

Niels Jense de Ruiter

Bigbom member profile

International Marketing Manager

Mr. Hung Nguyen

Bigbom member profile

Lead Engineer & Co-founder

Mr. Khanh Nguyen

Bigbom member profile

Backend Developer

Mr. Thinh Au

Bigbom member profile

Frontend Developer

Ms. Thanh Nguyen

Bigbom member profile

Quality Control

Ms. An Nguyen

Bigbom member profile

Marketing Executive

Bigbom Team Advisors :-

Mr. David Cornell

Bigbom member profile

Financial Advisor

Dr. David Nguyen Vu

Bigbom member profile

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Victor Tran

Bigbom member profile

CoFounder of Kyber.Network

Mr. Minh Chu

Bigbom member profile

Tomochain Co-Founder

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