Bitcoinus ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis


Bitcoinus ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis


Bitcoinus ICO General Information:

ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) Name :- Bitcoinus ICO
Bitcoinus Coin Symbol :- BITS
What is Bitcoinus( BITS ) :- Bitcoinus is building a platform that will enable exceptionally fast crypto transactions. Current situation where transaction speed is low and its cost is high cannot be used in most e-commerce businesses.

Bitcoinus ICO Dates:

Status :- Ongoing
Main-ICO Start Date :- 15th January 2018
Main-ICO End Date :- 10th May 2018

Bitcoinus ICO Details:

Bitcoinus ICO Price ( Starting ) :- 0.001 ETH / BITS Token ( 1 Ethereum = 1000 BITS Tokens )
Total Coins :- 65.00 Millions Bitcoinus Tokens ( 65,000,000 BITS Tokens )
Tokens to Sale in Main-ICO :- 50.00 Millions Bitcoinus Tokens ( 50,000,000 BITS Tokens )

Bitcoinus ICO Ratings:

Ratings by Users :-
[Total: 1    Average: 3/5]

Bitcoinus Website, Whitepaper and Social Links:

Website :- https://www.bitcoinus.io
Whitepaper :- https://www.bitcoinus.io/docs/Bitcoinus Whitepaper.pdf
Social Links :- Bitcoinus ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis Bitcoinus ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis Bitcoinus ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis Bitcoinus youtube Bitcoinus linkedin Bitcoinus ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis Bitcoinus ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis

Bitcoinus Video:

BITS Tokens Distribution:

Category Token Distribution
Community 75%
Team 10%
Mergers & Acquisitions 8%
Legal 4%
Advisors 2%
Bounty 1%

BITS Funds Distribution:

Category Fund Distribution
Product Development 37%
Marketing 48%
Operations 8%
Security 7%

Bitcoinus Roadmap:


Formation of the Team


Development of MVP starts Creating concept, initial wireframe of prototype and strategy


Start of ICO


Initial testing of decentralized KYC


Integration of internal blockchain based currency exchange solution


End of ICO. Tokens will be listed in exchanges in 15 days after the end of ICO.


Alpha version of MVP development ends. Basic functionality level reached


Global business development & Marketing campaign starts


Beta version of MVP development ends (Beta; payments with over 50 Altcoins; integration for all major e-commerce platforms; API)

Q1, 2019

Implementation of card processing; additional Altcoins Q1, 2019 Fully functioning e-commerce solution (Over 100 Altcoins integrated)

Q4, 2019

In the first financial year we aim to reach $10M turnover Q4

Q4, 2020

Turnover reaches $40M (over 200 Altcoins integrated); Bitcoinus further develop the global crypto payments ecosystem

Bitcoinus Team Members :-

Xavier Murtza

Bitcoinus member profile

Co-Founder, CEO

Tomas Mickauskas

Bitcoinus member profile


Povilas Ruzgaila

Bitcoinus member profile

Chief Marketing Officer

Karyna Kavalenka

Bitcoinus member profile

Social Media/Client support

Tudor Stomff

Bitcoinus member profile

Community and Bouaty Manager

John Wu

Bitcoinus member profile

Client Support Manager

Rusne Bigelyte

Bitcoinus member profile

Social Media Expert

Beatrice Liepute

Bitcoinus member profile

Public Relations Manager

Liudas Šmatavičius

Bitcoinus member profile


Boris Abramov

Bitcoinus member profile


Martynas Paliulis

Bitcoinus member profile


Ernestas Paznekas

Bitcoinus member profile


Dovilė Užkurėnė

Bitcoinus member profile

Legal Advisor

Bitcoinus Team Advisors :-

Dylan Sharkey

Bitcoinus member profile

Lead Advisor & Ex LinkedIn Executive

Ioana Frincu

Bitcoinus member profile

Blockchain Developer

Pedro Jordao

Bitcoinus member profile


Eva Skornickova

Bitcoinus member profile

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor

Wulf Kaal


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