BitWings ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis

BitWings ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis

BitWings ICO General Information:

ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) Name :- BitWings ICO
BitWings Coin Symbol :- BWN
What is BitWings( BWN ) :- BitWings token, a native currency of Wings Mobile ecosystem, has 100% guaranteed issuing value and is the only means to pre-order the first (40 000) ultra-secure blockchain smartphones in the world able to generate up to 2 ETH a month without any power consumption, powered with neural technology.

BitWings ICO Ratings:

Ratings by Users :-
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BitWings ICO Dates:

Status :-
Main-ICO Start Date :- 1st September 2019
Main-ICO End Date :- 30th September 2020

BitWings ICO Details:

BitWings Pre-ICO Price ( Starting ) :- 1 BWN = 0.1 USD
BitWings ICO Price ( Starting ) :- 1 BWN = 0.2 USD
Total Coins :- 300.00 Millions BitWings Tokens ( 300,000,000 BWN Tokens )
Tokens to Sale in Main-ICO :- 189.00 Millions BitWings Tokens ( 189,000,000 BWN Tokens )
Technology :- Ethereum ERC20
BitWings Category :- Electronics
Whitelist/KYC :- KYC
Accepting :- ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft Cap :- 3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap :- 30,000,000 USD
Company Country :- Malta
Website :-
Whitepaper :- Read
Bounty :- Available
MVP/Prototype :- Available
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BitWings Video:

BWN Tokens Distribution:

Category Token Distribution
Private Sell 10%
Public Sell 1st 8%
Public Sell 2st 10%
Public Sell 3st 15%
Public Sell 4st 20%
Referral program 2%
Bounty & Airdrop 2%
Reserve 20%
Marketing Bonus 8%
Team & Advisor 5%

BitWings Roadmap:

2Q 2017

Developed the first Safe Hybrid Technology;

Wings Mobile wins “ALCI AWARDS” for Technological DESIGN.

3Q 2017

Developed the first prototypes of W5

and W2 smartphone;

Wings Mobile presents the

Social Market Project;

Wings Mobile launches GSM Mobile

Phone Services in Spain.

4Q 2017

Developed the Wings back office;

Development and design of Laptop

Wings Book;

Launched the W2 & W5 models in

the spanish market

1Q 2018

Wings Energy integration development, in Wings backoffice;

Laptop Wings Book commercial launch.

2Q 2018

Development of new wings suite

software & new wings dialer version;

Development of new W2+ & W5+

technological drawings;

Development new Wings Book line;

Wings Energy commercial launch.

3Q 2018

Prototype realization of W2 & W5


Prototype realization of the new

laptop Wings Book;

ICO Bitwings technological


Pre-launch in Peru, Ecuador and


Presentation of new smartphones

W2+ & W5+ ;

Presentation of new Wbook models.

4Q 2018

New smartphone W3 and W6 development;

Wings PAY blockchain system

development (off-line pos system);

PoD mining mobile app development;

Creation of business units: Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru;

Launching Bitwings private sale.

1Q 2019

Development of the new integrated software in the X-Generation series;

Development of new X-generation devices (WX & Xbook);

Development of the Safe Core operating system;

Prototype realization of the Minephone;

Launch new devices W3 and W6;

The launch of the new business units of Italy, Argentina, and Mexico.

2Q 2019

Development Wings PAY blockchain system (on-line system);

Development of Super Natural Speech Virtual Assistant “Angel”;

The World launch of the new Wings Minephone;

Creation of the new business units: France, Germany, UK, Brazil, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, Chile, USA, Portugal.

3Q 2019

Adding modules to Super Natural Speech Virtual Assistant “Angel”;

Development of new smartphones W2, W4, W7, W8;

World launch of new X-Generation devices;

World launch of Wings PAY;

Creating new business units of

Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Luxembourg,

Poland, Romania, Bolivia, Panama,

Paraguay, Uruguay.

4Q 2019

Launching new smartphones W2, W4, W7, W8;

Creation of the new business units of Croatia, Czech Rep., Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras.

BitWings Team Members :-

Antonio Milio

BitWings member profile

CEO, Marketing Director & Co-Founder

Daniele Bianchini

BitWings member profile

Chairman & Co-Founder

Evan Luthra

BitWings member profile

Top Advisor & Tech Mentor

Fabrizio Meli

BitWings member profile

General Manager

Francesco Macri

BitWings member profile

Institutional Relations

Alessandro Traversari

BitWings member profile

Technical Device Director

Sebastian Lucero

BitWings member profile


Raul Lloveras

BitWings member profile

Director Marketing & Store

Ernesto Kruger

BitWings member profile

Investor Relationship

Juan Pablo Moreno

BitWings member profile

Team Director

Freddy Ramirez

BitWings member profile

Blockchain Network Director

Cristian Castro

BitWings member profile

Crypto Engineer Director

Vera Zhang

BitWings member profile

China Office Director

Maurizio Sorini

BitWings member profile

VAS Sales Director

Erminio Ferrari

BitWings member profile

Airdrop Manager

Alessandro Marchi

BitWings member profile

Web Marketing

Kiko Serrano

BitWings member profile

Senior Graphic Designer

David Gonzalez

BitWings member profile

Network Sales Director

Domenico Cantone

BitWings member profile

Web Marketing Director

Damian Tirante

BitWings member profile

Web Designer

Lorenzo Bove

BitWings member profile

Cyber Security Director

Marisa Ruiz

BitWings member profile

Financial Director

BitWings Team advisors :-

Marco Realini

BitWings advisor profile


Saurabh Sharma

BitWings advisor profile

Media Relations Advisor

Farhana Meghami

BitWings advisor profile

Social Media Advisor

Naviin Kapoor

BitWings advisor profile

Top Advisor

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