CarVDB ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis


CarVDB ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis


CarVDB ICO General Information:

ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) Name :- CarVDB ICO
CarVDB Coin Symbol :- CAR
What is CarVDB( CAR ) :- CarVDB is building a new revolutionary technology which will change the conventional concept of how modern date vehicle trade, insurance services and maintenance should be done.

CarVDB ICO Dates:

Status :- Ongoing
Main-ICO Start Date :- 3rd March 2018
Main-ICO End Date :- 1st June 2018

CarVDB ICO Details:

CarVDB ICO Price ( Starting ) :- 0.00063 ETH/ NCT Token ( i.e. 1 ETH = 1,580 NCT )
Total Coins :- 100.00 Millions CarVDB Tokens ( 100,000,000 CAR Tokens )
Tokens to Sale in Main-ICO :- 49.98 Millions CarVDB Tokens ( 49,978,560 CAR Tokens )

CarVDB ICO Ratings:

Ratings by Users :-
CarVDB ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis
3 (60%) 1 vote

CarVDB Website, Whitepaper and Social Links:

Website :- https://www.carvdb.com
Whitepaper :- https://www.carvdb.com/carvdb-whitepaper.pdf
Social Links :- CarVDB ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis CarVDB ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis CarVDB ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis CarVDB youtube CarVDB ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis CarVDB ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis

CAR Tokens Distribution:

Category Token Distribution
ICO 50%
Founders and Team 14%
CarVDB Pool 36%

CAR Funds Distribution:

Category Fund Distribution
Product Development 46%
Marketing and User Acquisition 20%
Working Capital 16%
Capital Reserve 10%
ICO Related 8%

CarVDB Roadmap:

Q1 2015

  • Platform Alpha Released in USA & Spain
  • More than 1M Ads Published to Date

Q1 2018

  • CarVDB Token Creation Event
  • Platform Beta Development
  • CarVDB Black Membership Cards Distribution

Q4 2018

  • Marketing Campaign Kick Off
  • Early Adopters Incentives
  • Partnerships Announced
  • CAR Token Listed on All Major Exchanges

Q1 2019

  • Platform Beta Release in USA & Spain
  • Smart Contracts Release
  • Insurance Platform Release
  • Auctions Platform Release
  • Growth Pool & Membership Cards Distribution

Q4 2019

  • Platform Release in Canada & Mexico
  • VIN Check Feature Release
  • Repair Manuals Feature Release
  • Maintenance Reports History Release

Q3 2020

  • Platform Release in UK, Germany & China
  • European Partnerships Announced
  • Full Decentralization Begins

Q4 2021

  • Platform Release in France, Italy and Switzerland
  • Consider Additional Revenue Streams
  • Transition to Public Blockchain

Q1 2023

  • Platform Release in South America
  • Revision of Future Strategy
  • Announce Next 5 Year Plan

CarVDB Team Members :-

Emil Stoyanov

Founder & CEO

Ilian Pankov

Co-Founder & COO

José Sánchez


Andreas Müller


Kevin Brown

Product Manager

Evelina Gogova

Business Development Manager

Wei Zhang

Lead Developer

Li Qiang

Senior Developer

Yong Wang

Database & IT Infrastructure Specialist

Alina Tuparova

Design Specialist

Betty Vasileva

Insurance Advisor

Jeremy Anderson

Marketing Advisor

Goran Palaveev

Business Transformation Expert Advisor

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