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ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) Name :- LetBet ICO
What is LetBet ( LBT ) :- LetBet is set to create a revolution in the online gambling industry.
The LetBet team aim is to create a platform that creates an innate trust in a potentially corrupt system for one to win a game (players’ view), get rewarded (developers’ view), and fair gambling (the service providers’ view) through a decentralized system is replaced by smart contracts through blockchain semantics in a trustless, borderless, secure, and fast online gambling system that benefits all.
Status :- Ongoing
Pre-ICO Start Date :- 20th January 2018
Pre-ICO End Date :- 14th February 2018
Start Date :- 25th February 2018
End Date :- 24th March 2018
LetBet Coin Symbol :- LBT
LetBet ICO Price ( Starting ) :- $0.4
Total Coins :- 199 Millions LBT Tokens ( 199,000,000 LetBet Tokens )
Tokens to Sale in ICO :- 90 Millions LBT Tokens ( 90,000,000 LetBet Tokens )
Website :- https://let.bet
Whitepaper :- https://static.let.bet/whitepaper.pdf
Social Links :- letbetcoin facebook letbetcoin twitter LetBetCoin telegram let bet linkedin letbetcoin github bitcointalk letbet
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LetBet ICO has Affiliate Program also.

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