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ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) Name :- Liteconnect ICO
What is Liteconnect ( LCN ) :- Liteconnect (LCN) is new cryptocurrency which will bring complete revolution and change in this world.
The transactions will take place over
peer to peer network
with everything confidential. Users can access their funds
quickly any part of this world, just need to connect with
internet and make transaction.
Status :- Finished
Start Date :- 14th January 2018
End Date :- 14th February 2018
Liteconnect Coin Symbol :- LCN
Technology :- Ethereum ERC20
Liteconnect ICO Price ( Starting ) :- $0.50 / LCN Token
Total Coins :- 21 Million Liteconnect Tokens ( 21,000,000 LCN Tokens )
Tokens to Sale in ICO :- 10 Million Liteconnect Tokens ( 10,000,000 LCN Tokens )
Website :- https://www.liteconnect.com
Whitepaper :- https://liteconnect.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/LCN_WhitePaper.pdf
Social Links :- LiteConnect facebook liteConnect telegram   
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