SafeCrypt ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis


SafeCrypt ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis


SafeCrypt ICO General Information:

ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) Name :- SafeCrypt ICO
SafeCrypt Coin Symbol :- SFC
What is SafeCrypt( SFC ) :- SafeCrypt.io is a DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization). We are combining organic team-based structure with matrix structure.

SafeCrypt ICO Dates:

Status :- Ongoing
Pre-ICO Start Date :- 26th February 2018
Pre-ICO End Date :- 2nd April 2018
Main-ICO Start Date :- 2nd April 2018
Main-ICO End Date :- 7th May 2018

SafeCrypt ICO Details:

SafeCrypt ICO Price ( Starting ) :- 0.000066 ETH/ GIF Token ( i.e. 1 ETH = 15,000 GIF )
Total Coins :- 1.54 Billions SafeCrypt Tokens ( 1,535,714,285 SFC Tokens )
Tokens to Sale in Pre-ICO :- 230.36 Millions SafeCrypt Tokens ( 230,357,143 SFC Tokens )
Tokens to Sale in Main-ICO :- 844.64 Millions SafeCrypt Tokens ( 844,642,857 SFC Tokens )

SafeCrypt ICO Ratings:

Ratings by Users :-
SafeCrypt ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis
3 (60%) 1 vote

SafeCrypt Website, Whitepaper and Social Links:

Website :- https://safecrypt.io/
Whitepaper :- https://safecrypt.io/whitepaper.pdf
Social Links :- SafeCrypt ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis SafeCrypt ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis SafeCrypt ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis SafeCrypt ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis SafeCrypt ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis

SFC Tokens Distribution:

Category Token Distribution
Pre-sale Phase 15%
Main Crowdsale Phase 55%
Company Reserve & ICO Marketing 30%

SafeCrypt Roadmap:


Cryptoexchange Market Analysis

Problem Identification

Search for Possible Solutions

Forming a Core Team

Evaluation of a Range of Solutions

Seed Funding Provided (4 240 ETH)

Development of a Platform Blueprint

Establishing Testing Methods for Platform Models

Q1 2017

Platform Prototyping Initiated (web)

Additional Funding Received (~10 935 ETH)

Team Growth

SafeCrypt Prototype Developed (web)

SafeCrypt Web Platform Prototype Testing

Stakeholder Meeting to Evaluate Project Needs

Decision to Prepare and Issue ICO

Q2/Q3 2017

Engaging Qualified Consultants and Designers

Establishing System Security Standards


Operationalization of

SafeCrypt Framework

SafeCrypt Mobile Version Development Started

Financial Risks Evaluation

SafeCrypt Token Value Estimation

Whitepaper and Website Development Started

Q4 2017-Q2 2018

SafeCrypt Closed Alpha Testing (Android)

Public ICO Announcement

Pre-ICO Marketing Activities

ICO + updates (see p.22 for more details)

Preparing and Establishing the Action Plan

Recruitment of new qualified specialists

System Security Development Started

Closed Alpha-testing of SafeCrypt Web Platform

Bugfixes and Optimization for the Alpha Version


System Architecture Development

Q3 18 – Q1 19

Closed Beta Available to the Project Backers

Collecting and Analysing of the Feedback Data

Marketing Campaign Planning

Open Beta Testing of the Platform (web and mobile)

Collecting and Analysis of Public Feedback Data

Final Marketing Campaign Planning

Open Beta Testing of the Platform (web and mobile)

Collecting and Analysing the Public Feedback Data

Pre-Release Bugfixes and Optimization

UI Adaptation for the Sight Impaired Users

Q2 19 onwards

Development of Secure Cloud Environment

Public Release of SafeCrypt Web and Mobile Versions

Popularizing and Global Scaling of the Platform

Achieving Global Cryptomarket Security and Stability

Steady Growth of the Platform Boosting Token Value

Research and Implementation the Advanced

Technologies in the System Upda

SafeCrypt Team Members :-

Max Efremov

Co-founder / Business

An early cryptoenthusiast and trader, a co-founder of SafeCrypt.io

Cryptoexchange Platform, Max is a visionary and the binding force of

our team, always very calm and focused on results. Max initiated the

startup and drove the company forwards, regardless of the


Eugene Bann

Financial AI and Data Security Advisor

SafeCrypt.io could not have been conceived without Eugene Bann’s

immeasurable contribution. With his extensive experience in engi-

neering AI systems, including autonomous trading algorithms, we

have been able to implement world-class development practices for

blockchain development.

Tim Bahriddinov

Co-founder / Analytics

Along with Max Efremov, Tim Bahriddinov co-founded SafeCrypt.io in

2016 and was the first to tackle the actual problem of a poor design of

the existing exchange platforms. Tim gathered the available statistics,

structured and analyzed the collected data and created a foundation for

the further development of a fail-safe exchange platform model.

Artem Petrov

CTO / Back-office Development

Artem is an experienced JavaScript engineer and blockchain developer.

Being an early endorser and adopter of the technology himself, Artem

Petrov first joined the SafeCrypt.io as a contractor and and is now an

integral part of it.

Hobby: Cryptocurrency mining.

Signature saying:

“When you love your job you don’t need vacations.”

Roman Galashov

Tech R&D and Automation Advisor

Roman is a professional in R&D Art & Tech for video games with more

than 10 years of experience, he has been working in such giants as

Wargaming.net and Mail.ru and we have been lucky enough to be able

to gain some of his valuable experience in Tech R&D and Automation,

applicable not only to game dev industry but to any software development.

Alex Sor

Full Stack Blockchain & Web Developer

Having Alex Sor (Alexander Sorokin) in SafeCrypt.io team means that we

never have to worry about meeting the deadlines when it comes to block-

chain and web parts of the tasks. A hardworking web and blockchain

engineer with extraordinary critical thinking and analytical skills, Alex is

always a pleasure to work with.

Konstantin Kokonin


Having an education of a doctor of medicine and an experience of working

in marketing department of pharmaceutics companies, Konstantin has a

unique approach to market the product on a highly competitive market,

using only factual data instead of substandard advertising techniques.

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