Totipay Network ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis


Totipay Network ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis

Totipay Network

Totipay Network ICO General Information:

ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) Name :- Totipay Network ICO
Totipay Network Coin Symbol :- TPX
What is Totipay Network( TPX ) :- Totipay believes that with today\’s advancing technology, sending money should be as simple as sending a text message

Totipay Network ICO Dates:

Status :- Ongoing
Main-ICO Start Date :- 26th March 2018
Main-ICO End Date :- 29th May 2018

Totipay Network ICO Details:

Totipay Network Pre-ICO Price ( Starting ) :- $0.06 / TPX Token
Totipay Network ICO Price ( Starting ) :- $0.08 / TPX Token
Total Coins :- 1.00 Billions Totipay Network Tokens ( 1,000,000,000 TPX Tokens )
Tokens to Sale in Main-ICO :- 700.00 Millions Totipay Network Tokens ( 700,000,000 TPX Tokens )

Totipay Network ICO Ratings:

Ratings by Users :-
Totipay Network ICO Reviews, Price, Date and Analysis
3 (60%) 1 vote

Totipay Network Website, Whitepaper and Social Links:

Website :- https://www.tpxnetwork.com
Whitepaper :- https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/23ac62_a67ef77988f1456e91ec6d37b7c13b6d.pdf
Social Links :-

TPX Tokens Distribution:

Category Token Distribution
Team 20%
Community User growth 10%
Token sale 70%

TPX Funds Distribution:

Category Fund Distribution
Tech Development 20%
Integrations 15%
Business expansion & Operations 65%

More Information:

More about Totipay Network :-


Send money back home:

Tom wants to send money to his family in Kenya. He will login to his account in the Totipay app. Safiya his wife in Kenya receives a notification within seconds to tell her that the funds are transferred and is available for collection

SMEs using Totipay network and platform

Company XYZ is facing challenges in managing liquidity, reducing cost and enhancing efficiency. Company X gets a license to use our technology – a white-labelled solution. The company can now use TPX tokens to manage their liquidity. This will save them costs and make their customers happier than ever.


Totipay Network Roadmap:

June 2016

Applied for FCA license

December 2016

FCA regulated

March 2017

Building the technology

December 2017

Pay-in and Payout agents

February 2018

Android app /beta

March 2018

Token Pre-sale

March 2018

Go Live in the UK market

May 2018

Upgrade the license to include the EU market

May 2018


June 2018

Go live in the EU

June 2018

Website / IOS app

January 2019

Go live in USA & Canada

January 2019

Build the blockchain technology for transferring money

May 2019

Go Live in Saudi market

May 2019

Deploy our blockchain technology in the global market

Totipay Network Team Members :-

Abdul Senan


Money Transfer and business experience

Khaled Amer


Startups, Tech & Operations experience

Ben Locke

Digital Marketing, Business Development

Karthik Nath

Technology, Finance

Christopher Hudson

Business Analysis

Paul Bradbury

Business Development

Jack Doherty

Banking, Financial Services

Khodor Dimassi

North America Director,

Money Transfer

Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe

Marketing & Communications

Sion Calder

Technology, Technology

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