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CoinMarketBook Privacy Policy :-

Below we have Given Privacy Policy Information of . We have Given  what we collect information from Users or Subscribers or Visitors and What we do with their Information.

What We Collect ?

Personal Identification Information :-

We may collect Personal Information from our Visitors or Users or Subscribers .

How We can Collect ?

We can Collect your Information only if, you Fill our Forms like Contact Form, Subscription Form, like this any type of Form. We ask Information on that forms lik E-mail ID, we get only this information from Visitors.

Non – Personal Identification Information :-

 We get Information from Visitors or Users or Subscribers from their Device .

We get Information like IP Address, Browser, etc. from their Devices.

Cookies :-

We use Cookies on our Website to give you better experience. Cookies are saved in Visitors or Subscribers or Users Devices to help Visitors or Subscribers or Users to experience better. If sometime our Website functions are not working, then Cookies are better.

What we do with your Information ?

We use your Information to improve our Site. We save your Information safe and Secured to our Server.

We can send Promotional mails, News, Updates about Cryptocurrencies to your E-Mail Address or Browser.

We do not Sell or Rent your Personal Information or any type of Information we received from you.

We keep your Information Privately.

Third Party Websites :-

If you Click on our Advertisements or External links . Then we do not have any control on them.

You can share your Information on their Sites, but you want to Contact them to See their Privacy Policy.

You must see their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions before use their Site or App or Services.

We can change our Privacy Policy time to time . So, you may see our Privacy Policy time to time.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy :-

By using our site, you are agree to our Privacy Policy . If you do not agree , then you do not want to use our Site and Services.

Contact us:-

If you want to Contact us ,then you can contact on our Contact Page or mail us on [email protected]