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Terms and Conditions of CoinMarketBook.com :-

Please read the following Terms and Conditions of CoinMarketBook.com Site before use. Welcome to CoinMarketBook.com, you must accept our terms and Conditions before use our Site or any Services.

You must be agree with our following Terms and Conditions :-

* Modification :- We reserve to change or make any modification on our Website any time. We can change our Content Anytime.  

Also, changes of any Cryptocurrency related topics like Prices, News, ICO’s  you must agree.                                                                                                                                                                

* Acceptance of Terms :- We reserve to modify or make changes in terms and conditions in CoinMarketBook with any notice to our Subscribers or Users or Visitors.

* Site Access :- During period of our Change in Terms, we grant you Permission to use our Website.

* Changes or Removal of CryptoCurrency Listing :- We reserve to make changes or Remove any Cryptocurrency or it’s related topics like news, ICO’s etc.

* Changes or Removal of ICO Listing :- We reserve to make changes or Remove any ICO or it’s related tooics like news,etc.

* Third Party Contents or Websites :- If you click on our advertisements or Links of Exchanges, ICO’s websites ,etc. , then you go to their Website or Content and we do not have any control on their website. So, you must read thir terms and conditions.

* Privacy Policy :- You must check our Privacy Policy page for seeing Privacy Policy of CoinMarketBook. What we collect Data from our Users or Visitors or Subscribers and what we do of that Informations.

* Warranties:- We do not warranty of any Coin or CryptoCurrency or External Websites or External Links  or Exchanges or etc. . So, you must see their terms and conditions . And also, do research about their Companies ,etc.

     So, you must agree our above terms and conditions before using our Site , If you do not agree , then please do not use our website or services.

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